Solution for Dark inner thighs and bikini area


Dark inner thighs and bikini area are a common thing and have several possible reasons.


What can be cause of inner thighs and bikini area getting darker?

Skin Friction. Dark inner thighs can be even in fair-skinned women. One of the reasons why there is pigmentation in this area - thighs rub against each other. Usually it is typical, when a woman is gaining weight. This is particularly evident in the summer when it is hot and the body sweats heavily. Thighs rub against each other, damaging the delicate upper layer of the epidermis.


Hormonal. Darkening of the skin may have endocrinological reason. So you should get tested for insulin resistance. Here are some symptoms: fatigue after eating, the need for sweets after meals, easy weight gain, strong accumulation of fat around the waist, dark spots and tough skin in the armpits, on the neck, inner thighs, groin. Changes in inner thighs and bikini area during your monthly cycles, lactation or pregnancy can cause due to hormonal imbalance.


Hair removal.  Some hair removal techniques such as razors and waxing can cause darkening inner thighs and bikini area.



How to fix it?

Inner thighs and bikini area peel is whitening treatment which significantly brightens privet area. Peel removes upper layer of the skin and leaves skin brighter and whiter. 


Consider Laser Hair Removal. So you will not develop pigmentation in privet area in future by using common hair removal techniques.


What can you do yourself?

Buy pure shea butter and 10 ml of vitamin E bottle. Melt the shea butter on a steam bath, then add a tablespoon of vitamin. Mix these ingredients together, whisk. Cool. First, in the shower to make easy peeling sponge dark areas on the skin. After showering, apply the cream on these places. Do the procedure in the morning and evening. A week later, the first results. The skin begins to brighten.

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