The procedure combines softening, extraction and hydration simultaneously, resulting in removing blackheads and whiteheads, refining skin texture and tone.

Expected Effect

  1. Improves dull skin to clear, flawless and transparent skin

  2. Smoothes skin texture

  3. Tightens pores by removing wastes in pores

  4. Controls sebum secretions

  5. Absorbs cosmetics quickly and take make-up well

The most noticeable feature of Aquapeel is to remove dead skins and wastes with cleansing serum, unlike to the existing decortication, while supplying vitamins up to deep layer of skin and consequently moisturizing the skin amply.

Dead skin cells exfoliated by special therapy tip are sucked into an induction pipe while serum comes from spiral bumps. Rotary plastic tip bears two different functions.

It removes solely dead skin cells and wastes are discarded through a tube while vitamin is absorbed to skin. “Aquapeel” moisture decortication is a simple operation taking only 20-30 minutes. Since it removes excessive sebum, blackhead and dead skin cells effectively, merely one time of operation brings you a smooth and moist skin.

Unlike to the existing decortication which leave dryness in skin. Aquapeel satisfies you with highly moisturized feeling.

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