Underarms Whitening Solution


The darkening of underarm skin is not generally considered by some disease or medical problem. Dark armpit can be regarded as skin reaction to exposure to certain elements similar to the tanning response after when skin is exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays.


Causes of dark underarms


  • Shaving and waxing

  • regular use of creams for hair removal

  • excessive sweating

  • lack of ventilation in the armpits

  • accumulation of dead skin cells

  • use of alcohol based deodorants and antiperspirants


Shaving and waxing

To get rid of dark underarms after shaving and waxing, you need to stop shaving armpits and try to replace it with a Laser Hair Removal. So you get rid of the hair even under the skin.


Accumulation of dead skin cells

Underarm darkening may occur as a result of layers of dead skin cells in that region of the body. To get rid of this, it is necessary to remove dead skin cells by exfoliating treatments. This is best done with the use of funds, which contain lactic and TC acid.

The use of alcohol-based deodorants and antiperspirants

Ideally, deodorant and antiperspirant manufacturers promise that the substance contained in those tools must react with the skin and cause its discoloration. But many say that after the cessation of the use of these most deodorants and antiperspirants no longer dark underarms. To get rid of this problem, try to use deodorants which are non-alcohol based.


Acanthosis Nigerians

The cause of dark underarms can be a medical problem such as Acanthosis nigricans. This disease can cause darkening of the skin (from light brown to almost black) in the neck, armpits or groin. The reason for this may be a problem with the production of insulin or a malfunction of the endocrine system. Most often, this problem is common in people who are overweight. To get rid of dark underarms caused Acanthosis nigricans, you need to watch your diet and monitor the production of insulin. Ideally consult with Endocrinologist.

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